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Two strategies, three steps

Industrial innovation strategy

Cultural core strategy

Zhongyin are steadily developing towards the goal of becoming "high-technology enterprises that create value". Every small progress we have made is the accumulation of quantity. When the equivalent amount accumulates to the degree of divergence, there will be an opportunity of rapid development. The Chinese and Indian people are committed to seize every opportunity of "two major strategic steps" to achieve rapid development.

Do deep penetration strategy of material culture, and constantly improve the production environment and the material basis for the development of orchid day again, actively implement the strategy of system, behavior culture, system, to ensure that all behavior standard work, execution process, achieved the integration of employee behavior, to eventually become the spiritual and cultural strategy for China and India, the spirit of China and India, perfect the cultural system, a comprehensive enterprise management strategy.

Mechanism innovation:
To increase the competitiveness of enterprises and form foreign-funded holding joint ventures and cooperative enterprises under the framework of private groups;

Management innovation:We will increase the vitality of enterprise development and make management more scientific, institutionalized and standardized.

Business innovation:
We will increase the economic growth of enterprises, move forward from projects to integration, and increase the strength of enterprises.