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About Us


Jiangsu China India Printing Group Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaged in the development and production of new packaging materials and packaging printing. Founded in March 2002, the company is located in Xinhua Industrial Park, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu province.
The company has the advanced German Heidelberg offset printing line four, nine color gravure printing production line one, the ten color gravure printing production line three, the Swiss doctor special, the constant hot metal die cutting set more than thirty sets and the single concave, light, cold transfer, spray code and other multi-functional auxiliary printing equipment, compound paper production line five, mould pressure Laser film production line thirteen, equipment technology advanced, high degree of automation, with annual production of 1 million 500 

thousand  large cigarettes, 30000 tons of composite paper, laser transfer film production capacity of 65 million meters.
The company has a national quality inspection center, a provincial technology center, a film project innovation team, the transfer paper project innovation team, the printing and post innovation team, the cigarette logo research and design team, the technical strength of the company has developed 63 patent products, 53 items have been accepted, which has authorized the invention of patent, practical application. There are 26 new types and 4 new and high-tech products.
In 2005, the company passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, in 2008 through 

the IS0 14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, in 2014 through the standardization of safety production certification, 2015 through the ISO 10012 measurement management system certification, 2016 through the Chinese environmental logo product certification, 
2017 Through the certification of energy management system in Yunnan, it is an enterprise of grade a qualification for tobacco and tobacco in Yunnan. It has successively obtained "Jiangsu Province double best honesty printing enterprise", "Jiangsu Province excellent science and technology enterprise", "state keeping contract heavy credit enterprise", "credit grade AAA level enterprise", "tax credita  enterprise", "Jiangsu" Provincial 

private scientific and technological enterprises and other honorary titles.
The company and Hongta tobacco (Group) limited liability company, Hongyun Honghe tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., Hebei tobacco industry limited liability company, Jiangsu medium tobacco industry limited liability company, Henan tobacco industry limited liability company, Sichuan tobacco industry limited liability company, Chongqing tobacco industry limited liability company Shaanxi China tobacco industry limited liability company, Guangxi tobacco industry limited liability company, Jilin tobacco industry limited liability company, Shanxi Kunming Tobacco Co., Ltd.,  Hongyun Honghe Group Xinjiang cigarette factory, Heilongjiang Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., etc. have stable business contacts and contacts, the quality of products get customers The marketing network has been spread over more than ten provinces, cities and regions in China.
In the period of restructuring and brand integration in China's tobacco industry, the company strengthens its own core competitive ability, strives to do a good job of three specialties - laser film production, composite paper production, and tobacco printing production. At the same time, it is committed to the best enterprise management model, the highest quality assurance system, the best equipment technical force, and the best equipment technology. The integration of the comprehensive strength of the production and service processes is striving to win opportunities, seize opportunities in challenges and achieve leaps in competition. In the new century, we will achieve our new strategic goals and create a bright future.