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"The book spreads affection, the civilized colleague" the orchid day color printing - innovation community book donation activit

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On August 23, the innovative community of chengjiang street in jiangyin city organized a donation activity of "spreading the love of books and walking with civilization", lantian color printing - innovation of community books. Hundreds of books donated by company representatives were sent to the community farmers' bookstore. This book donation activity has set up a bridge of friendship between the company and the innovation community for further communication and cooperation, and also made certain contributions to the development of enterprises supporting social undertakings. In the future development, the company will continue to take on the social responsibility obligation with the actual action, with own strength to return the society sincerely.



The representative of the company and the community leading group discussed and communicated




Company representative and innovation community representative gift book moment



Community gifts to "send a wisp of book fragrance, spread a civilization" banner