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Founder electronics has made a strong landing in the global digital printing jie yinghong

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On October 16 and 18, 2012, international Open Day activities held by the founder electronics, from the United States, Italy, Poland, Russia, Egypt, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, nearly a dozen countries and regions in the world of customers on behalf of nearly 30 people, this is the first time founder electronics held globally oriented to sales for the goal of Open Day activities.
In may this year drew the fair, founder electronic fully shows the founder to global customers brand image and the independent innovation of digital ink jet printing technology, the Open Day aims to continue to build up the global customer further intuitive understanding, understanding founder electronics and founder jie eagle platform of digital ink-jet printing machine, in order to realize the founder jie eagle overseas sales. The event received great attention and attention from customers. Some customers even flew to the event overnight from Russia, which fully proved the influence of jie zhengdrew's participation in the exhibition. The three-day event, the staff of the other party positron corporate culture, technology, products and founder inkjet digital printing machine of global market development of strategic and marketing strategy carried on the thorough explanation, inkjet digital lab and founder, the founder eagle P5000 model user visits, make customers more intuitive understanding the founder electronics as well as the founder of ink-jet printing technology characteristics and advantages, get good feedback, activity results are very significant, signed a total of 40 sets of software product orders, and several agents inkjet digital printing machine cooperation letter of intent signed, the eagles.
This Open Day event is an important step for jie jie ying to enter the global market and enable customers to bring the innovative digital inkjet printing technology of founder to the global market. At the same time, it also gives customers a comprehensive understanding of founder's brand and strength, which will help further expand the market results of founder's international business and enhance its influence in the world.
At present, founder electronics has more than 50 overseas agents in the international market, providing high quality and cost-effective products such as founder digital proofing, founder RIP, founder smooth flow, founder super line, with sales volume reaching 5,000 sets. In some regional markets, such as Japan, the market is even bigger than its main local competitors.