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The Matthew effect in print: the stronger the stronger the weaker the weaker

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In the face of the change of market environment, printing enterprise began to think about the transformation of business model, brand printing enterprises and small and medium-sized printing enterprise, will be respectively into the transitional period, from the industrial chain orientation, profit model, brand positioning and regional positioning requires transformation, small and medium-sized printing enterprise in the process of transformation may be more, some choose to accelerate become bigger and stronger, some only slowly transformation into investors.
In the current situation of homogenization of products and fierce market competition, our small and medium-sized printing enterprises have no channels, no brands, and where to go? When people talk about the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises, most people say that it is ok for small enterprises to maintain the status quo. At first sight, it seems reasonable that in the market where there are wolves before there are tigers, it should be a good situation to maintain the status quo and not be eaten.
With our in-depth analysis, it is not hard to find that it is almost impossible for small enterprises to maintain the status quo. The current market competition is to dance with wolves, either win the competition or die in the competition. In the future printing industry, the competition is no longer sales, but operation. Those powerful printing enterprises with good capital and accurate brand positioning will become more and more powerful, while some unprofessional ones will be gradually eliminated if their positioning is not in line with the general trend. With high-quality brands and mature customer groups, the well-established Indian enterprises in the customer base will also withstand more and more severe tests in the future we can meet, and become bigger and stronger. On the other hand, small businesses that have just started, no brand, no mature customer base, no good reputation, can only struggle in a volatile market environment.
This phenomenon can be called the "Matthew effect" in the printing industry. Among them, the core elements of successful printing enterprises are brand effect and customer group monument. The most important meaning behind the word of mouth between customer groups is to shut out new entrants in the industry and make the industry produce the Matthew effect, that is, big enterprises are more likely to become bigger and stronger. Due to the early entry into the industry, the pioneer has a certain market retention rate, so it is most likely to be recommended by others, thus forming a large potential customer group.
In 1968, the American historian of science, Robert e. Morton (RobertK. Merton) first proposed the "Matthew effect", and reveal such a social phenomenon: any individual, group, or region, once in a certain aspect, such as money, fame, status, etc.) for success and progress, can produce a kind of accumulation of advantage, will have more opportunities to achieve greater success and progress, namely the "Matthew effect". Generally speaking, we usually say that the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker. The poorer the poor, the richer the rich. One step ahead, one step ahead; Winner-takes-all phenomenon. Printing industry, because of first-mover basic had formed their own brand effect, so in the "big brand, very many people use" implied into customers choose and buy this product under the premise of first entrants, has the brand enterprises are also the most easily recognized by customers, and buy the enterprise products, and become the next word of mouth the propagandist, continued to expand their customer base.