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Human Resources

High enterprise/technology reporting specialist

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Bachelor degree, major unlimited, relevant working experience.
1. Sorted out the annual project declaration plan of the company, conducted feasibility analysis, advanced opinions and preliminary preparation for the project declaration;
2. Coordinate and integrate the company's resources, participate in the project approval, declaration, approval, acceptance and other work, and be responsible for the project submission and follow-up until the completion of the project;
3. Collect project declaration, approval documents and other relevant data, and make text summary and prepare declaration materials;
4. Timely declare the status of the project records, follow up the project progress, and file the documents;
5. Searched and collected project declaration information of various products of the company and communicated and coordinated relevant departments;
6. Timely understand the industry dynamics and policies of relevant ministries and commissions, collect valuable industry information and policy information, and do a good job in filing and analysis;
7. Timely follow up the progress of each approved project, including funds, implementation status, target completion status, and organize relevant documents and materials. If the project is out of the expected implementation status, timely follow up and report to the superior supervisor.
8. Timely grasp relevant policies of intellectual property rights, follow up the declaration, authorization and payment of relevant fees of intellectual property rights.
9. Coordinate internal departments and external communication and coordination.
10. Assist superior leaders in completing daily work and other tasks assigned by them.
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