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Jiangyin "blue sky cup" basketball game starts today

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Core tip: this morning (August 19), jiangyin "lantian cup" basketball game kicked off in jiangyin city stadium. Nine teams from across the company competed in the two days from Aug. 19 to Aug. 20.
Lantian news network (reporter zhang xulong) today (August 19) morning, jiangyin "lantian cup" basketball game in jiangyin city stadium. From August 19 to August 20, solstice, nine teams from across the company competed. In order to strengthen the health of our employees and enhance the spirit of teamwork, our company launched the "blue sky sports league" this year, which will include several sports such as basketball, badminton and volleyball.
This basketball game is exclusively sponsored by jiangyin lantian color printing co., LTD., and jointly organized by all departments of jiangyin lantian color printing co., LTD. There are 9 teams from all over the company. In the game, the players all showed a good professional quality, they are tireless running on the field, you come and go, dribble, pass, shoot and other movements are very standard.
From April to October of this year, jiangyin lantian will vigorously promote the sunshine sports and launch the "lantian sports league" in several sports such as go, swimming, badminton, basketball and volleyball. Sunshine sports can not only enhance the health of employees and enrich the weekend life, but also enhance the spirit of teamwork and play a great role in promoting the company.