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In 2017, the global sales volume of corrugated packaging will reach 67 billion us dollars

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Recently, smith-spano has conducted research on more than 750 cardboard factories and 80 corrugated paper processing plants around the world, and wrote the 2017 research report on the future of corrugated paper packaging market. According to the report, the world's sales of corrugated cardboard used for packaging in 2011 were $52 billion, and will reach $67 billion in 2017.
In 2011, the consumption of corrugated board in the world was 102 million tons, a great increase from 99.5 million tons in 2010. Providing packaging for frozen, take-out and ready-to-eat foods has become the leading factor in increasing corrugated sales. Growth in demand for convenience foods was a key driver, the report said. Modern city people save time and energy, like to eat convenient food. This provides wide space for the development of corrugated packaging.
The company predicts that corrugated packaging for electronics and home care products will be the fastest-growing category. It's also about urbanization.
In eastern Europe, China, India, Brazil and other countries and regions, urbanization has been accelerated, and the demand for convenient food has increased, and the consumption of corrugated cardboard has also increased accordingly. Asia has become the world's largest box board paper market. In the next five years, the consumption of corrugated board in Asia will account for more than half of the global total. In contrast, markets in North America and Western Europe are likely to shrink considerably.