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No one was killed or injured in a fire at a packaging material factory in dalian

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At 5:29 a.m., Oct. 24, an explosion and fire broke out at a packaging material factory in plandian, dalian. At 7 o 'clock, the fire was put out and there were no casualties.
Witnesses said that at around 5:20, a huge explosion was heard at the Venus packaging material factory in shihe street of the city of plantagu in dalian, at the exit of the shihe river of the G15(shenyang university) expressway.
After the fire broke out, the fire squadron of the city of pulandian rushed to the scene immediately and began to fight. The main leaders of the public security department and safety supervision department and shihe street of the city also came to the scene to direct fire fighting and rescue and accident investigation.
At about 6:20, the fire was basically under control. Around 7 o 'clock, all the remaining fires were put out. There were no casualties at the scene, officials said, and an initial investigation into the cause of the fire was caused by a short wire.